MIL.SPEC. is owned by Senior Armourer/Military Advisor Lance Peters and Sheena Peters (South African Born Citizen).

Lance Peters

Having had 16 years military experience Lance started in the Film industry in the UK and now has extensive international movie armoury experience. He is now based in Cape Town South Africa with International associates in the UK, Namibia and South Africa.

References:  - Lance Peters III

MIL.SPEC. can provide modern equipment and firearms internationally. We research any period in military history and supply advisors to ensure your product is as accurate as you require. We design and manufacture specialised weaponry and props from small electronic James Bond style gadgets to large military artillery i.e. cannons,rocket launchers etc. We are registered suppliers of dummy and inert explosives. We also offer moulding facilities. 
Our Special Forces and SWAT Teams are a great benefit to productions with tactical training provided by MIL.SPEC. and full head to toe costume and props.

We run firearms and tactical training courses for stunts & cast, with the aim of improving safety standards in our industry. MIL.SPEC. also offer lectures and armoury/stunt demonstrations for Film Schools.  We run Airsoft Tactical and Target Ranges for Corporate Team Building and Fun Events.

One of the Causes we Support and Feel Passionate About:

Protrack Rhino Task Force at Protrack Anti-Poaching Units.  This team are all about protecting and preserving South Africa's wildlife. We live in one of the last great wild places on earth for many amazing mammals - our fellow beings on this planet. Although we are currently in a Rhino Poaching Crisis which Protrack has a dedicated team for - they are also actively protecting many other species.      TO DONATE.

We love what we do and we are a fun team to work with.
We are also very student friendly.
  • Our Warehouse/Armoury is 15mins drive from Cape Town Film Studios
  • Registered Gun Shop on the premises
  • Established links to a large pool of movie firearms in South Africa, Namibia, London
  • Training Facilities for Firearms Skills and Tactics
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shooting/Training Ranges
  • Manufacturing Workshop
  • In House Design and Moulding Facilities
  • Licensed to Manufacture Explosive Training Aids/Props
  • Extensive Set Armoury Experience in Europe and Africa
  • Ex British/South African Military and Police
  • Instructional/Teaching Qualifications
  • Gunsmith
  • Close Protection/Security Trained
  • SFX
  • BA Hons Degree Film & Communications - London Guildhall
  • Art/Production Co-Ordinator
  • Set Co-Ordinator
  • First Aid and Fire Officer
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